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Mariah Picot Trio  Mariah performs with her trio on piano/keyboards and vocals.  Along with a rhythm section of upright bass     and drums they do classic standards, blues, latin, some funk and r&b, oldies and originals.  The sets have    an international flavor as she sings in French, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. With an exhaustive taste for   research and originality many other musicians have coveted her songlist.  Chris the bass player also plays   flute and trumpet while Mariah kicks bass, so this present a lot of possibilities.  They can easily add sax to  make a quartet. Mariah_Picot_Trio_Song_List.pdf

Mariah Picot Solo

 Not your run of the mill piano bar singer, she is gaining  a reputation for an exotic eclectic song list of  

 classic standards and rare gems, plus some wonderful original tunes.  You won't hear 'Lady in Red, or 

 'Piano Man' [she's a girl, right], but you will hear tunes by Dave Frishberg, Bob Durough, Michelle Legrand, 

 Joni Mitchell, Al Jarreau or Lambert Hendricks & Ross to name a few.  You might even hear a classic 

 from 'Three Penny Opera' or something from 'Cinema Paradiso' . Singing in English, French, Portuguese,  Spanish and Italian, she'll delight your ears.

 So for the discerning taste, if you want an adventure into the possibilities of the expansive universe of the world songbook, take a look at the 'Venues' Menu to see where she is playing in your area.  Book a private party or corporate event.