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Spell of Rio
update: Sept 2017
We are in fundraising mode. I am under the umbrella of Lyric Stage at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, for new works.  That means I can give people a tax receipt for their donation.
We are looking for an initial $10,000.00 to do a backer's audition.  My vision is to produce this unique show in a Brazilian rain forest setting.
Spell of Rio: The Next Phase
 Stay tuned for details as we take it to Workshop Process
Our last read on Dec 6, 2014, was very successful and informative .I will be doing one more pass through the book and then looking for a book collaborator. We will be starting a new fund raising campaign with new edits as well. Thank you to all those who contributed Dec 6th.  there are details on the facebook.[link below]
A history of the read/throughs is on the facebook page.  We are so appreciative of all the people who took the time so we could start to see it on it's feet. 
  • Special thanks to John Watts, the Entomologist at Texas Discovery Gardens, Dallas. for our ongoing research.


Video: "Rhythm of Life" from "Mystical Awakening" - Unity of Panama City - 2001 Original seed project



“Mystical Awakening” [first title] was originally done at Unity Center of Panama City, Panama City, Fl in the fall of 2001, where I was the music director.  It grew out of a book study we were doing on abundance and a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  It was an hour long program with some original music plus music taken from different sources. It involved the unity choir, several actors and singers, and a band consisting of myself, Luke Pinegar, David Goldflies, and Jorge Higuera . Roberta Carothers was my co-creator and co-producer of this event.  She designed all the costumes, and sets and over saw the whole piece coming together.  Jon Hibshman painted beautiful backdrops and we created a tropical rainforest in our church


About 5 years ago I started working on a full length production of the original idea. It was Roberta’s idea to set it in Brazil, and the whole story and path started evolving from there.  I am forever grateful  to Unity of Panama City, the minister there at the time, Rev. JoAnn Dubrouillet  and all the people involved in that original event that birthed this project.

 Mariah Picot

 Feb 18/2013