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     Merlin on the patio in Lake Dallas.






The Book:

We are finally getting ready to self publish. For several years, we have been in the process of writing a book about the practical every day issues of living your life in the arts. As the digital age has impacted artists, I am updating some of the last chapters 
At this point, we are gathering a cross section of interviews with different artists in all disciplines and all statures.  If you would like to complete a questionnaire about some of the challenges and incredible benefits of your life in the arts, for consideration in our book, please email us at  The questionnaire will be online soon.   
Soul Expression
The journey of
Your life in the Arts


This book is for the artists who love their lives in the arts, for the ones who have experienced the extreme frustrations of living a life in the arts, and the great masters who have given their lives in service to humanity. It is for the audiences who appreciate what has been given to society by these artists, the fans, impresarios, critics, agents and managers, and anyone who knows that the human soul is nourished by the creation of beauty and the ever expanding expression of itself.

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