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Lucid Blue Music  produces multi media theatrical events. The first ventures into this arena were at Unity of Panama City, FL,  where we did "Mystical Awakening" and "Lighting the Temple Fires".  Both events involved choir, actors, dancers, a band, original music, and a beautifully designed environment in which people could have a tranformational experience.  We worked with artists and designers Roberta Carothers and Jon Hibschman of Vision Quest Gallery, for "Mystical Awakening", and Vivian Kevan for "Lighting the Temple Fires".
Lucid Blue Music is now in major development and expansion. We started with art and music events. Two of the posters and program covers can be seen below.   We are experiencing growth in areas of writing, arranging, teaching, workshops, and performing and have several properties in development.
Past Events
Forth Worth Library Concert
Poster- Art & Music at Stratos
"Heaven on Earth" Program Front, Unity of Tallahassee Concert
"Reflection - Portraits in Jazz" - Poster, Unity Dallas Concert
"Love is in the Air", Feb 13th - Unity Center of Light, Plano